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Human Translation Agency

Improve Communication  and  Remove Barriers!

Translation from one language to another and keeping the essence of original work intact is Herculean task. Word to word translation poses too many risks and loss of reputation. Galaxy4u offers professional translation services. Our expertise includes Legal, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Academic, Media, Training, Publishing, Telecom, Advertising, Banking, Information Technology, Government, Military, and other industries. Galaxy4u is able to translate every job as new creative work. Legal Translation is our specialty. Machine translations and online translations are very risky and hence we proudly say that Galaxy4u is the Human Translation Agency.

Language Pairs!

We at Galaxy4u offers Legal translation in most of the language pairs in Indian and Global languages. We have highly qualified language resources from Indian and worldwide.

  • English to Marathi <> Marathi to English
  • English to Hindi <> Hindi to English
  • English to Gujarati <> Gujarati to English
  • English to Kannada <> Kannada to English
  • English to Oriya <> Oriya to English
  • English to Bengali <> Bengali to English
  • English to Tamil <> Tamil to English
  • English to Telugu <> Telugu to English
  • English to Urdu < > Urdu to English
  • English to Arabic < > Arabic to English 
  • English to Spanish <> Spanish to English
  • English to French <> French to English
  • English to German <> German to English
  • MODI Lipi Translations in English

Well defined Process!!

Certified Translations and Transcriptions!

Applying for VISA, taking admission in International Schools, submitting business documents and interpreting Court / Legal documents, your search for legal translations ends at Galaxy4u Pune. Galaxy4u proudly provides certified legal translations and legal transcriptions with seal, signature, address, declaration of translator. Galaxy4u provides accurate legal translations along with certificate of translation and the our translated documents are accepted by all the major institutions. Galaxy4u have translated more than 10,00,000 (Ten Lakhs) words of legal translation that too without any flaw. Read our TESTIMONIALS  and contact us in confidence.

Notary Translation: We do provide Notarized translations provided original / scan is sent to us. Also do contact us for Apostille (MEA) attestation.


Our Specialities

  • Legal Pleadings,
  • FIR
  • Newspaper Notices
  • Audit Reports
  • Property Documents - INDEX II
  • Contracts
  • Labour Law Documents
  • Police Documents - FIR
  • Police Documents - Property Missing
  • Certificates
  • Training Material
  • Legal Transcription
  • Legal Consulting
  • Legal Drafting
  • Contracts
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property Guidance
  • Family and Personal Guidance
  • IT / Cyber Law Guidance
  • Domain names / Websites Guidance


  • Courseware
  • Research Thesis
  • Questionnaire
  • Scripts and Advertisements
  • Speeches
  • Media Clips
  • Web Content
  • Clinical Trial Documents
  • Chemical Documentation
  • Book Translation
  • Survey
  • Clinical Trial documentation
  • Birth Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Not Available
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Apostille
  • Affidavit
  • Partnership Deed
  • Shop Act
  • and many more


Affidavit and Change in Name

Steps involved are

  1. Purchase of Stamp Paper from Stamp Vendor
  2. Proper Legal Drafting
  3. Registration before Notary or competent authority

Email at or fill the form in contact page Note: Affidavit is not available on PHONE. For Change in Name, please fill the form in contact page.  Please Learn More

Also contact for ONLINE RENT AGREEMENT.  

ITA New Delhi

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Indian Translation Association, New Delhi


National Translation Mission, Government of India, CIIL Mysore

National Translation Mission, Government of India, CIIL, Mysore

IATIS Oxford

International Translation Association - IATIS OXFORD

International Association of Translation and Interpretation Studies, University of Manchester, Oxford.

CGSI Mumbai

Consumer Guidance Society of India, Mumbai

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