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AVINASH MURKUTE - Founder Galaxy4u and Chief Legal Translator: Avinash is versatile Legal Professional having industry experience in Pharmaceuticals, Advertising and Writing industry including Journalism, Information Technology and Services, Governance, E-Commerce, Social Justice and many more. His qualification includes Master of Laws with specialization in International Laws as one of the qualification in the long list. He is invited by Law, Management and Media colleges as an expert faculty. For more details you may visit his Avinash Murkute profile at link provided. 



Gujarati Language Resource

Parun holds Post Graduate Diploma in Communication, Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations and has worked in advertising and writing industry. He has great command over Gujarati language.


Telugu Language Resource

Naresh  is an entrepreneur, evangelist, philanthropist and nature lover. He is a Science Graduate and has experience in administration, education, technical writing and other domains. He is familiar with various Computer Aided Tools (CAT).


Tamil Language Resource

Vanitha assists Galaxy4u in Tamil Language projects.


Urdu Language Resource

Dr. Avinash has studied Urdu language as a hobby. He is multi-skilled persona. He is surgeon, trainer, mentor, behavioural psychologist, recruiter, counsellor, singer, a great listener, expert public speaker and the list of his skills is never ending. He guides Galaxy4u on Urdu language matters.


Kannad Language Resource

Satisha is Bachelor of Arts and a Law Graduate. He has Diploma in Translation Studies. He responds to all the Kannad language queries in quick time and guides Galaxy4u on project basis.


Oriya Language Resource

Pradhan helps Galaxy4u in Oriya Language projects. He is translator, proof reader, linguist and localization expert/ having sound knowledge in Oriya Translations with a command on technical as well as non technical translations. He works with various Translation and Advertising agencies. He is also a Law Graduate.


Punjabi Language Resource

Sandeep is First Class M. Tech in Computer Engineering from Punjabi University Patiala and is also working as Assistant Professor at GTB Khalsa Institute of Engineering and Technology and has passion for Punjabi Language. 


Bengali Language Resource

Abhijeet is a native Bengali Language speaker with vast experience in Bengali and Sylheti Languages. He is B. A. (Economics Hons.) from Assam University. 


Malayalam Language Resource

John is a native Malayalam Language speaker with vast experience in Legal and Government sector. He is a Law Graduate having exposure to German, French, Russian Languages. He is associated with multiple agencies and assist Galaxy4u for Malay Language projects. 



International Languages!

Galaxy4u have Language Resources in International Languages like Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, ChiCroatian, Danish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Kazakh, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Swahili and Urdu etc. 

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