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Human being is the most valuable creation of God. Human body weighs just 150 pounds and its chemical value is US$ 2.5. It can generate atomic energy worth US$ 85 Billion. Human brain weighs 50 ounces and its size is 1/10,000th of a Super Computer. The structure includes billions of live cells, works from birth to death and works non-stop on 1/10 Volts. Human brain  has processing capacity of 20 millions plus stimuli per second. Its availability is abundant. Its cost is fraction of super computer and maintenance cost is inconsequential. Its normally used potential is 4 -5%. Its best used potential is just 10%. Exceptions are always there but still its untapped potential is 90-95%. We at Galaxy4u Explore and Tap Unused Potential Of Human Brain. Galaxy4u is committed to provide professional services that improve your PERCEPTION.  

Welcome to Galaxy4u Legal Consulting, Translations, Transcriptions, Documentation  and more at Pune, Maharashtra, India.  

Galaxy4u proudly offers following quality and authentic services, do contact us in confidence!

  • Legal Consulting: Certified Translations, Legal Translations, Court Translations, Notarized Translations, Government Translations, Approved Translations, Sworn Translations, Compliance Translations, Translation for Residency, VISA and Travel, Property Translations, APOSTILLE, MEA Attestation, Translations in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Punjabi Translations, Kannada, Tamil Telugu, Malayalam and all other Indian Languages, Translations in German, Spanish Translations, French, Italian, Dutch and all other Global Languages...
  • Incorporation in India: Legal Drafting, Name Change, Partnership Deed, Shop Act, MSME, Will, Company Law Compliance, Online Rent Agreement, Digital Signature Certificates and more...
  • Web and IT Consulting: Domain Names, Websites, Business Emails, SSL, Privacy Protection, Intellectual Property Rights and more...

Galaxy4u has highly qualified, experienced and seasoned legal professionals to understand and assist you and hence you can bank on us and contact us in confidence. And if you have some questions, please visit FAQ page or call or message directly. Also visit our TESTIMONIALS page and see quality of our work.

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