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Online Leave and License Process

If you are Online System Ready, then you can Save Time and Cost of Time
It is mandatory to register all agreements related to properties. Therefore, it is mandatory to register leave and license. Earlier, agreements on plain paper, stamp paper, notarized stamp paper were in practice. But all these types are legally not valid. Registration of leave and license at the sub-registrar office was time consuming. Now online leave and license is in practice and in demand. But, is it as easy as emailing or messaging? Certainly not! And one needs to know the entire process. This article is aimed at preparing the parties for all the inputs required during the online process at website Go to
1. Document to be registered – 36A Leave and Licence 2. Select District of Property 3. Create Password 4. Confirm Password 5. Enter Security Code.
1. Select the District. For example Pune.
2. Select the Taluka (Tahsil) from drop down menu. Pune has 14 Talukas in the drop down menu. Let us select Mulshi.
3. Select the Village from drop down menu. Mulshi Taluka has 159 villages in the drop down menu. Let us select Pirangut.
4. Select attribute 1 from the drop down menu. This drop down menu contains 39 options and you need to select the one that best describe the property. Among others, it includes C.T.S. Number, Plot Number, Gat Number, City Survey Number etc.
5. Select Urban or Rural. If Urban, you have three options namely – Cantonment, Corporation and Council. If Rural then ZP Pune.
6. Select type of unit. You get 5 options namely – i) Apartment / Flat ii) Godown iii) Land + Building / Shed iv) Office and v) Shop.
7. Fill unit area in square meter / square feet.
8. Fill complete property address including i) Building Name ii) Flat No. iii) Road and iv) Location.
9. Select attribute 2 Type of Use - You get options like i) Residential ii) Non-Residential area iii) Gallery iv) Parking.
1 Select Party Type. You get options namely – i) Authorized Signatory ii) Licensee / Tenant iii) Licensor / Owner and iv) Holder of Power of Attorney. To know more about Power of Attorney click here.
2 Select Entity Type. You get options namely – Individual / Proprietorship/ Partnership / Limited Liability Partnership / Public Limited Company / Private Limited Company / Joint Venture / Trust / Cooperative Society / HUF / Limited Company / Society Limited / Central Government Department / State Government Department / Central Government Undertaking / Central Government Undertaking / Local Self Government Body.
3 Select Gender from drop down menu of Male / Female. If Female select Salutation from drop down menu of Mrs. / Shrimati / Miss.
4 Fill contact number: Preferably 10 digit mobile number.
5 Add e-mail id. Ensure your own email id only.
6 Select occupation from drop down menu of Service / Housewife / Business / Student / Any Other / Agriculture / Retired government officer
7 Fill complete address - Building Name / Flat No. / Floor No. / Road / Location / Pin Code / Village City / District / State
8 Select Executing option – Self / Through Power of Attorney / others.
c. PARTY 2 – TENANT DETAILSAll the details which are required in Owners Details are required. And at least one party need to be the Presenter.
1. Select For Which Party - You get options namely – i) Party 1 and ii) Party 2.
2. Fill Particulars - Surname / First Name / Middle Name / Age / PAN / Contact Number / Occupation.
3. Fill complete address- Building Name / Flat No. / Floor No. / Road / Location / Pin Code / Village City / District / State
4. Select Executing option – Self / Through Power of Attorney / others.
e. IDENTIFIER 2 – Same details as required in above Identifier 1.
1. Select license period in Months – Let us say 12 / 24 / 36 months.
2. Select start date. System will automatically calculate from and to date depending on license period mentioned.
3. Mention Refundable Deposit.
4. Mention Non-Refundable Deposit.
5. Mention Average Monthly Rent. You can have Fixed Rent or Varying Rent. Depending on the option selected one can input Rent and Varying Rent.
6. Stamp Duty is automatically calculated by the system and it depends on the deposit and total rent. Stamp duty calculator is available online at
7. Registration Fee is automatically calculated by the system. Presently it is INR 500 in rural areas and INR 1000 in urban areas.
8. Is stamp duty exempted – if yes, then how much.
9. Select Payment Details of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees – You can pay Together. There should not be any inconsistency in amount to be paid and GRN amount. You can pay online. You will redirected to - Registered users can pay online. One can also pay without registration.
1. At GRAS – Government Revenue Accounting System – One will have to input – District – Pune. Then select Category Pune City / Pune Rural. If Pune Rural – Then select from 13 Talukas. Then select the office where you want to register your document. Then select article code from drop down menu of 23 items – Select 36 A – Leave and License Agreement.
2. At GRAS mention – First Party Details – Name of Payer / PAN of payer / Mobile Number of Payer.
3. At GRAS mention – Second Party Details – Name of Second Party / PAN of Second Party / Mobile No. of Second Party.
4. At GRAS mention - Flat/Survey Number / Locality/Road / Area/City / PIN Code and Loan amount if any.
5. AT GRAS Payment Mode are – i) e-payment ii) Payment Across Bank Counter iii) SBI e-pay Payment Gateway.
6. At GRAS if e-payment is selected then following banks are allowed – Allahabad / Andhra / BOB / BOI / BOM / CANARA / CBI / CORPORATION / DENA / IDBI / INDIAN / INDIAN OVERSEAS / OBC / PNB / SBI / SYNDICATE / UCO / UBI / VIJAYA.
7. At GRAS if Payment Across Bank Counter is selected then following banks are allowed – Andhra / BOI / BOM / IDBI / PNB / SBI / UBI
8. At GRAS- Input Captcha Code and make the appropriate payment. Once payment is successful GRN is generated.
9. Coming back to Rent Particulars page – Input GRN Number and Verify payment. GRN is typically 18 digit code MH006447160201819E. GRN is Government Revenue Number / Government Reference Number / Government Receipt Number.
10. Select Name of Payer and Document Executed at Location.
11. Mention payment details of Deposit by indicating i) Cheque / NEFT / RTGS ii) Internet Banking iii) Demand Draft iv) Cash
12. Select Term and Condition
13. Select Minimum Lock in period in months.
14. Check if any furniture and appliances.
15. Select Who is paying the Stamp Duty and Registration Fee
16. Add miscellaneous. Save. View Draft Document.
a) After this entire process, photographs and thumb impressions and bio-metric verification of parties is made.
b) After that concerned Sub Registrar office / officers checks / authenticates / validates and approve the document in a span of 2-3 / 5 days.
c) Parties can visit to SRO and execute the document by signing in front of Sub-Registrar.
1) Online Leave and License process is certainly better and economical option compared to old system. But certainly it is not as easy as emailing and messaging. The entire process can take two – three hours and requires more than 250 entries. At times the process is delayed due to Internet speed, Concurrent Users, Non-responsiveness of website application and other technical reasons. Although IGR has fixed fees for authorized service providers, unscrupulous elements are taking undue advantage of people and are taking thrice the approved fees over and above stamp duty and registration fees.
2) Parties should keep basic details ready with them. One can get basic details form by sending an email at This will help them be Online System Ready and they can save time and cost of time.
3) At times, things may go wrong and everyone must have patience and keep Plan B (Offline Registration) ready.
~ Avinash Murkute | Galaxy4u Legal Consulting Pune |

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